Training/Assessment BHS - all Teaching, lunging, Stage 2 jump, Stage 3 and above Riding Assessment 45 minutes

Price: £120



BHS APC available for training, skill assessment record sign off and final assessment sessions Stage/Level 1 to Level 5 - Care and Riding

Stage 1-2 Care £80 (for lunging book a Stage 2 lunge £120)

Stage 3-5 Care and Theory of Teaching £80 (for lunging book Stage 3 lunge £120)

Stage 1-2 Dressage riding (Flat) £100

Stage 2 and 3 Lunge, Stage 2 Jump, all Stage 3 and above and all teaching £120

(Note this price is for 1 horse, if additional horses are required for teach assessment, the cost if £50 per horse)

All lessons will progress, depending on rider ability, when they last rode, how often they ride and horse/rider progress and partnership