Pcc 7909 335x224min

Private Rate 1 Jumping Schoolmaster Lesson 45 minutes

Service variants

Prestige/International Instructors
£100 BOOK
International Instructor - Sara Gallop
£120 BOOK


Private Jumping Schoolmaster lesson at a Rate 1 Level, Novice to 70cm,

All lessons will progress, depending on rider ability, when they last rode, how often they ride and horse/rider progress and partnership

Experienced Riders and Riders 5’ 9” and above, please book rate 2 lessons for suitable horses

Rate 1 - Novice/Elem riders only, riding Novice to 70cm level.

Rate 2 - More experienced Riders and Riders 5’ 9” and above

Prestige and International Instructors - Rachel Gallop, Helen Gallop

Irma Sutton, Lottie Mitchell, Tenzin Javary